I’m running a pretty interesting case study that has already shown some great results. However, the case study is going to be run until Nov. 1st, 2012.

This is my first time really using Twitter for a case study and I’d really like to see where it goes.

You can see the actual page of the tweet contest by clicking here.



How the Twitter Contest Works

I used to think that contests were kind of “ehk”

To be honest I didn’t think they were worth the time.

The entire contest was put together in about 1 hour and it’s going to cost me the price of the product (I could have selected a smaller product) but the idea here is to see how social traffic from Twitter converts to sales for a larger product ($300+).

On the page, you’ll notice there is an add to cart button, this is attached to my affiliation with Amazon. They’ve proven to be a good affiliate versus the competitors for my very specific audience.

When someone goes to the page, they will then see that they need to follow @Halo4Fans and then retweet “Just entered to win a #Halo4 #Xbox360. Just follow @Halo4Fans and retweet. http://www.halo4.org/halo-4-xbox-360/ #Halo4Fans”

When I Launched the Campaign

I actually launched the campaign last night at about 2:00am, but my results were still pretty amazing. I gained 200 followers and tons of retweets all across twitter.

Now it’s 12 hours later and I just launched the same campaign.

In less than 12 minutes I’ve gained about 100 new followers.

Twitter Followers Gained

100+ Twitter Followers Gained

Pretty cool results.

I’d like to see where this goes.

Think I’m screwing around? Check out this screenshot I took of retweets.

Twitter Case Study

Twitter Case Study

You can see that tweets were roughly only a few seconds apart.

I guess that’s a success for my first time messing around with Twitter. I’ll continue this case study as I discover more.

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