The last 48 hours have been rough on me.

  • Not because Christmas is approaching.
  • Not because I am overwhelmed.

Instead, it’s due to the fact that..

I failed.


In 48 hours I failed twice on one of the, what I considered, easiest tests.

That’s right..

I failed my drivers license test, TWICE.

But.. I’m not giving up.

Operation: Pass the TestAt first I was ashamed of myself, then I was just purely disappointed, then I went into thoughts of just not taking it again.. and then..

I said screw it.

I’m not going to give up.

And you shouldn’t either.

Wait.. why am I bringing you up?

Because you might be to the point, where you want to give up.

Maybe even before you’ve started.

You may have not even failed yet, but nevertheless, you might have second thoughts about making an income online.

Well guess what, you’ll never make money if you give up.

And the same goes for me, I’ll never get a North Carolina drivers license if I give up.

So, let’s pass this test together!

Tomorrow, I’m going to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), which is a 1 hour drive for me each time I go, and I’m going to pass.

And sometime soon, you are going to try to make some money, and you are going to pass your own expectations.

If we work together towards this goal, we will achieve it much faster.

Oh and.. if I fail, I’m going back again the next day, until they kick me out (or of course I pass).

And you’re going to do the same thing, RIGHT?!

Are you with me??

Let’s do this!

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