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Online Success PodcastIn todays episode we talk about how you can get started with building a real income online with a website.

This is our second, ever, episode of the Online Success Podcast and Michael and I were both spent quite a while putting everything together to give out some great information on how you can get started immediately.

Here’s what we’ll cover in todays episode..

  • How Michael and I both make an income, without a “job”
  • How you can get started making money online
  • Why working online gives you freedom
  • What you need to know to quit your job
  • What doesn’t work
  • The best resources you can use to build a website
  • How you can make that website profitable with little investment
  • What you need to do to get started today
  • And Michael and I will both share our own experiences with how we first got started, how making an income online has changed our lives, and what we have been able to achieve

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Words that may have confused you..

In the podcast we used a lot of words that you may not have understood, I’ll try to give you a quick definition of each so that you aren’t totally lost.

  • Affiliate Marketing – Make money promoting someone elses product without owning it, shipping, providing support, or any hassle. You make a commission per sale.
  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing) – In our opinion this isn’t worthwhile, there are a lot of scams out there trying to trick you into believing it’s the best thing out there.
  • Domain – An example of a domain would be or, you need a domain to have a website
  • Hosting – To have your website visible to the world, you’ll need it hosted, once you have a hosting plan, you can start building your website
  • WordPress – The best platform out there to build websites, WordPress is by far the fastest and most user friendly software on the market.. and get this, it’s free!

Affiliate networks that we personally suggest..

You can make commissions by promoting products from companies and people around the world. This way you can live more stress free and help others find the products that they need/want. Here’s a list of the affiliate networks that we personally make money from and suggest you to join (once you have a basic website up and running)

If and when you do signup to any of these networks, you are a publisher.

Resources mentioned in todays money making episode..

These are the BEST resources to help you get started to building a real passive income online.

  • NameCheap - Choose your domain.
  • HostGator - Get your domain hosted.
  • WordPress - Install WordPress to build your website.
  • Niche Optimizer University - We can teach you everything you need to know in a step by step format to help you get started making money online, the right way.

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